Jon Anderson

Sample this concert
  1. 1State Of Independence12:32
  2. 2Song Of Seven03:30
  3. 3The Friends Of Mr. Cairo05:29
  4. 4Gamelan / Close To The Edge06:56
  5. 5Heart Of The Sunrise03:13
  6. 6Long Distance Runaround / Close To The Edge08:32
  7. 7A Play and Display Of The Heart06:01
  8. 8Animation10:33
  9. 9Surrender05:06
  10. 10All In A Matter Of Time03:57
  11. 11Soon04:25
  12. 12Perpetual Change03:59
  13. 13I've Seen All Good People05:30
  14. 14Yours Is No Disgrace02:14
  15. 15Starship Trooper10:47
  16. 16Bass / Drum Solo08:24
  17. 17Roundabout05:24
  18. 18Olympia05:42
Liner Notes

Jon Anderson - vocals, guitar; Guy Shiffman - drums, percussion; David Sancious - keyboards; Stephano Cerri - bass; Clem Clempson - guitar

Yes front man Jon Anderson decided that his third solo album, Animation, was so good it needed to be heard in concert. Although no formal announcement had been made, by this time Yes was falling apart. Anderson had departed in 1979, and was replaced on 1980's Drama album by Trevor Horn. He would return with a bastardized version of the band in 1983, led by Chris Squire, for the album 90125, and again with another off-shoot called Anderson, Bruford, Howe and Wakeman in 1989. For this tour in 1982, though, Anderson decided to front his own band and focus on his more pop-oriented solo project.

To help make the Animation album, he employed ex-Cream bassist Jack Bruce and most of Springsteen's '81/'82 solo band, including David Sancious from the E Street Band and ex-Humble Pie guitarist Clem Clempson. Both Sancious and Clempson would join Anderson on the road to help present material from Animation, in addition to many classic Yes songs.

Although not as progressive as his mid-1970s solo effort, Olias of Sunhillow (which was a single musical suite that had a lyrical concept theme and took up both sides of the vinyl record when it was initially released), Animation featured shorter and slightly more pop oriented songs. Anderson's distinct, high voice makes all of these songs sound as if they could have appeared on Yes albums, especially "Surrender" and "All In A Matter of Time."

Anderson was smart enough to give the audience a healthy dose of Yes hits during the show, including "Starship Trooper," "All Good People," "Yours Is No Disgrace," "Close To The Edge" and "Roundabout." After another 20 years back with Yes (mostly with the classic Squire/Howe/White/Wakeman lineup), he recently returned to touring as a solo artist; this time by himself, solo, with just an acoustic guitar.