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  1. The Neville Brothers' True Stories New Orleans Apr 22, 1994 The Nevilles have been a part of New Orleans through all its changes. Hear them tell their stories in these '94 interviews.
  2. Tina Turner's Long Road to the Top Jan 20, 1985 In 1984 at the age of 44, Tina Turner finally hit #1. Hear her talk about her first #1 single in this interview less than a year later.
  3. Belushi & Aykroyd on the Blues Bros Dec 24, 1978 In 1980, The Blues Brothers movie premiered in Chicago. Hear the stars talk about their love of blues in this fascinating interview.
  4. Keith Richards Goes Solo Nov 12, 1988 Listen to the Stones' guitarist and resident riffmeister speak about his 1988 solo release, Talk Is Cheap
  5. The Songwriter's Companion: John Hiatt Feb 11, 1989 On the release of his latest collection of songs, Mystic Pinball, listen to Hiatt's mid-career musings in this interview.
  6. Roger Waters Speaks Out Oct 22, 1984 In a 1984 interview, the bassist-composer discuses his split from Pink Floyd, touring The Wall, recording The Final Cut and his first solo album.
  7. Diamond' David Lee Roth Interview Listen to Van Halen veteran Diamond Dave talk off the cuff about Eddie's genius and his fear of flying in an interview from 1983.
  8. Springsteen Chats About 'Darkness' Jul 9, 1978 Though audibly uncomfortable with promoting himself, the Boss opens up for invaluable moments of candor in this extended 1978 interview, a must-listen for Bruce fans.
  9. Mark Knopfler's Work & Influences Jun 6, 1988 The Dire Straits frontman speaks about his involvement with a number of good causes, and about some of his earliest musical influences.
  10. Lynyrd Skynyrd Remembered in 1977 Dec 11, 1977 This King Biscuit interview special was assembled a month after the fatal plane crash rocked all of us.
  11. Kurtis Blow Speaks Sep 30, 1985 The pioneering rapper reminisces about the days of block parties, DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and his 1980 smash hit "The Breaks."
  12. Santana On His First 20 Years in Music Sep 25, 1988 In this 1988 interview, guitar god Carlos Santana reflects on his influences, Woodstock, and other highlights from the first two decades of his life's work.
  13. Jerry Garcia on Movies, ESP and LSD Aug 6, 1975 In this 1975 interview with Mary Travers, Jerry discusses making a Grateful Dead film, Kesey's Acid Tests and developing band chemistry.
  14. Reminiscing With Captain Trips Sep 22, 1975 In a 1975 interview, Jerry Garcia talks about Bill Graham, the Acid Tests, 'old-time lunacy' in Haight-Ashbury and the world community of freaks.
  15. Getting personal with Ringo Sep 4, 1977 In this '77 interview, Richard Starkey (aka Ringo Starr) guides us through his history, both as a Beatle and a solo artist.
  16. George Harrison Reminisces in '75 Aug 24, 1975 In 1970, ex-Beatle George Harrison released his brilliant triple album All Things Must Pass. Hear him in this revealing chat.
  17. Best of Interviews
    1. Springsteen Chats About 'Darkness'
    2. Lou Reed With Scott Muni
    3. Remembering George Harrison
    4. Understanding The Police in 1982
    5. David Bowie 40 Years Ago
    6. Mickey Hart & Jerry Garcia Speak
    7. Louis Armstrong Reminisces, 1970
    8. Alvin Lee, Beyond Ten Years After
    9. Remembering Bill Graham
    10. Paul Simon's Greatest Hits
    11. Townshend on Townshend in 1982
    12. George Harrison Talks Beatlemania
  18. Behind the Music With Bob Seger Jul 22, 1979 In this 47-minute interview with Bob Seger, he opens up about his youth and inspiration behind his successful career.
  19. Hanging on the Phone With Bill Graham Jan 14, 1989 The original rock impresario reminisces about the Human Be-In, the beginning of the Summer of Love and the San Francisco scene.
  20. Bowie on His Chamelonic Image Jan 23, 1978 In this revealing 1978 interview, the artist talks about the characters he invented, the emergence of punk music and the merits of shock value.
  21. Joe Cocker's Stories from the Road Jul 23, 1989 In the midst of a 1989 European tour, JC took time to talk shop with World of Rock radio host Scott Muni.
  22. Lou Reed With Scott Muni Jan 14, 1989 Reed discusses his current album New York and his songwriting process in this 1989 interview with the WNEW's Scott Muni.
  23. Bill Withers' Unexpected Life in Music Aug 6, 1988 Hear Withers discuss his late start in music in his down-to-earth manner. Fascinating stories from a wonderful talent who will be sorely missed.
  24. Remembering George Harrison Aug 24, 1975 On what would have been his 77th birthday, celebrate the life of the "quiet" Beatle, speaking for an hour on his early influences and spirituality.
  25. John Lennon on Sean Lennon Sep 24, 1980 In a beautiful coincidence, John Lennon and his son Sean were born on the same day, October 9th. Hear John talk about his relationship with his son in detail.
  26. Time With Tina Turner Jan 20, 1985 Learn a thing or two from the crowned Queen of Rock with this personal interview, only a year after her hit "What's Love Got to Do With It?"
  27. Understanding The Police in 1982 Oct 18, 1982 Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers paint three individual pictures of life in one of the world's biggest bands.
  28. Bono Opens Up in an '84 Chat Nov 19, 1984 Hear U2's frontman over 30 years ago talking about the Boy-October-War trilogy and the making of The Unforgettable Fire.