Jefferson Starship

Sample this concert
  1. 1Introduction02:28
  2. 2Ride The Tiger05:12
  3. 3Girl With The Hungry Eyes03:41
  4. 4Things To Come04:57
  5. 5Stranger09:52
  6. 6Lightning Rose04:48
  7. 7Awakening10:03
  8. 8Jane05:07
  9. 9Have You Seen The Saucers11:18
  10. 10Rock Music05:41
Liner Notes

Paul Kantner - guitar, lead and backing vocals; Mickey Thomas - lead vocals; Craig Chaquico - guitar, backing vocals; Aynsley Dunbar - drums; David Freiberg - keyboards, backing vocals; Pete Sears - bass, keyboards, vocals

Interestingly enough, this show recorded at X's in San Francisco was taken from the only Jefferson Airplane or Starship tour up to this point that did NOT include Grace Slick in the band.

Slick had actually been asked to leave on the band's previous tour, when she appeared at a Starship show in Germany so drunk that she couldn't perform. The result was a huge riot that destroyed all their equipment. Slick went on to clean up and record a solo album, and Paul Kantner, the only member from the original Airplane lineup, carried on with the rest of the band with new vocalist Mickey Thomas (who, it should be noted, had sung for the Elvin Bishop Band on the huge hit single, "Fooled Around And Fell In Love").

The result was 1979's Freedom at Point Zero, an album that seemed to re-fuel the Starship, and send it off in a more hard rock-oriented direction than before. The transition, in many ways, can be attributed primarily to young guitarist Craig Chaquico, who was finally given the chance to show his rock 'n' roll chops. In addition, playing from former David Bowie and Journey drummer Aynsley Dunbar on these recordings is almost superhuman.

Radio hits like "Jane," "The Girl With The Hungry Eyes" and "Awakening" soon resulted, though critics still challenged the band's ability to stand up to the Airplane as a live act. Although Mickey Thomas could soar vocally, the absence of Grace Slick (along with the new band's ability to play many of her Airplane hits like "White Rabbit," "Somebody To Love" and "Wooden Ships") is obviously something that hindered the band. In addition, there are some problems with the sound mix of this recording, especially in the beginning, but The Kinks soon get worked out. The only throwback to old Jefferson Airplane is a spacey retake on the 1971 song, "Have You Seen The Saucers?" Otherwise, it was full speed ahead into the world of corporate rock 'n' roll.

Jefferson Starship also used this show to introduce a new original, called "Stranger." It would be that song that the group used as its reason to ask Grace Slick to rejoin the band when they went in the studio to record it the following year. Having agreed, Slick remained with Starship until this version split up in 1988.