Burton Cummings

Sample this concert
  1. 1Your Back Yard04:48
  2. 2Johnny B. Goode04:49
  3. 3Is It Really Right?05:43
  4. 4Never Had A Lady Before03:37
  5. 5Laughing01:12
  6. 6These Eyes02:26
  7. 7Undun01:44
  8. 8American Woman02:54
  9. 9No Time Left For You03:41
  10. 10Mack The Knife02:47
  11. 11Timeless Love04:14
  12. 12My Own Way To Rock06:00
  13. 13Framed05:56
  14. 14Stand Tall05:15
  15. 15Charlemagne04:34
  16. 16C'mon Baby05:50
Liner Notes

Burton Cummings - piano, vocals; Michael Rowe - keyboards, vocals; Danny Weiss - guitar, vocals; Ian Gardner -bass; Jim Gordon - drums, percussion

Burton Cummings (along with his Guess Who bandmate, Randy Bachman) had long ago become a favorite son of the Canadian music buying public. After almost 10 years with The Guess Who, Cummings left in 1975 to launch a solo career. Though The Guess Who was formed by Chad Allen, Cummings took over in 1966 as that group's pianist and front man. With Cummings at the helm, he had taken them to the top of the music scene in both Canada and the US with hits like "These Eyes," "No Time," "American Woman," "Undone," and many others.

After a couple of false starts with his own solo career and post-Guess Who bands, Randy Bachman had finally gone platinum in 1973 with Bachman-Turner Overdrive. This success motivated Cummings to head out on his own. Riding the success of The Guess Who, he had a Top 10 smash hit with ballad, "Stand Tall," which highlighted Cummings' strong baritone voice.

This recording, done for the King Biscuit Flower Hour in 1977, was made while Cummings and his solo band were promoting his second LP, My Own Way to Rock. Although he would only score Top 10 hits in his native Canada after "Stand Tall," Cummings put out a series of well crafted solo records on Epic's Portrait Records imprint. Because his voice was so synonymous with The Guess Who and the fact that he formed a band with the same instrumentation, much of the music he made after leaving that group made it seem like they had never disbanded.

This show includes a balance of material from his first two solo albums ("Timeless Love," "My Own Way to Rock," "Framed," "Charlemagne," and the aforementioned hit, "Stand Tall"), as well as a medley of the biggest hits he wrote or co-wrote with The Guess Who. He rocks particularly hard on his re-vamped version "American Woman" and "No Time." Another highlight is his solo piano arrangement of "Mack the Knife."

Cummings is still a massive star in Canada, and with Randy Bachman, has reformed The Guess Who for a number of tours. He also tours with Bachman as a duo, and continues to release new music today.