Blues Image

Giving perhaps not enough thought to the the whole blues image thing, the Blues Image was a one-hit wonder pop/rock outfit known mainly for 1970 hit, "Ride Captain Ride." Formed in Tampa, Florida in 1966, band members included Michael Pinera, Manuel Bertematli, and Joe Lala. Malcolm Jones joined soon after the band's inception, and he was followed by Frank "Skip" Konte in 1968. Setting sail on a Latin-fused mystery ship, they rode their singular wave of success from "Ride" -- which remained high on the charts and sold an impressive one million copies the year of its release. After that, unfortunately, the Blues Image lineup began to change. Pinera left, and Kent Henry and Dennis Correll joined up, only to see the band break up soon after the reformation. Lala, however, later became an L.A. session player and worked alongside Joe Walsh and incarnations of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

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