Zappa's Universe

Sample this concert
  1. 1Dweezil Zappa Intro00:29
  2. 2Elvis Has Just Left the Building02:18
  3. 3Any Kind of Pain05:43
  4. 4Planet of the Baritone Women02:46
  5. 5Brown Shoes Don't Make It07:46
  6. 6The Jazz Discharge Party Hats04:37
  7. 7Sex/Black Page #104:41
  8. 8I Come from Nowhere05:03
  9. 9Idiot Bastard Son05:12
  10. 10Night School04:42
  11. 11The Dangerous Kitchen04:17
  12. 12Mogio/Echidna's Arf (Of You)/Hungry Freaks Daddy/Uncle Meat/Wet T-Shirt Night17:34
  13. 13Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk08:43
  14. 14When the Lie's So Big03:38
  15. 15Would You Go All the Way02:22
  16. 16Heavenly Bank Account04:15
  17. 17The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing06:08
  18. 18Waka/Jawaka12:40
  19. 19Can't Afford No Shoes03:21
  20. 20I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth03:11
  21. 21Say Hi to Frank00:57
  22. 22Sofa04:27
  23. 23Dirty Love07:21
  24. 24Montana06:55
  25. 25Music is the Best/Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel08:43
Liner Notes

Mike Kenneally - guitar, vocals; Dweezil Zappa - guitar, vocals; Steve Vai - guitar; Scott Thunes - bass; Mats Oberg - keyboards; Jonathan Haas - percussion; Morgan Agren -drums; The Persuasions - vocals; Rockapella - vocals; Dale Bozzio - vocals; Joel Thome - Orchestra of Our Time conductor