Wampire Apr 24, 2013


Sample this concert
  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:12
  2. 2The Hearse03:58
  3. 3Orchards02:52
  4. 4Spirit Forest03:11
  5. 5Trains03:22
Wampire Apr 24, 2013
Liner Notes

Wampire meets us at the door and they ask us:Do you think you were followed?What is your spirit animal?Can you stay the night?Did you bring your pillow? Toothbrush?If you were going to paint this room, what color would you choose? We were thinking something grapefruit-y.What are you drinking?What aren't you drinking?Why don't you go ahead and make yourselves comfortable?When was the last time you climbed a tree?How far did you get? Did you take a few minutes to just look around when you got way up there?Did you look down?Do you have a light?Can we interest you in a staring contest?Have you ever thought about how fucked up life can get?Wanna go walk around the cemetery? It's the quietest, most inspiring place we know.Why is everything so bittersweet?