Victor Krummenacher

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  1. 1Patriarch's Blues04:45
  2. 2Funeral Blues06:52
  3. 3The Cock Crows at Sunrise05:45
  4. 4Gulf Road05:31
  5. 5I'll Meet You in Paradise09:10
  6. 6Interview12:29
Liner Notes

Victor Krummenacher is a founding member of Camper Van Beethoven, and a prolific musician in his own right with over 25 years under his belt as a songwriter and performer, including 5 solo album releases and musical collaborations of all kinds. His lyrics are narrative-driven and highly literate, and his musical style ranges from blues to alternative to an Americana-tinged indie. While still active with Camper Van Beethoven, Victor also works with Alison Levy on McCabe & Mrs. Miller in addition to his solo projects. Enjoy this creative musician and the stories he shares, like his rendition of the famous Auden Poem "Stop All the Clocks."