Various Artists

Sample this concert
  1. 1Announcements / Dick Dale Introduction02:18
  2. 2Dick Dale: Miserlou03:48
  3. 3Dick Dale: Surfin Drums05:29
  4. 4Unknown Artist(s): ? `04:18
  5. 5Adrian Legg: Purple Haze04:40
  6. 6Henry Kaiser, Harvey Mandel, Freddie Roullette Introductions02:00
  7. 7Henry Kaiser, Harvey Mandel, Freddie Roullette: The Thrill Is Gone11:13
  8. 8Frank Gambali Introduction01:15
  9. 9Frank Gambali: The Natives Are Restless07:52
  10. 10Steve Morse Intro02:11
  11. 11Unknown Artist(s): ? (cuts in and out - incomplete)00:54
  12. 12Primus Introduction02:08
  13. 13Primus: The Toys Go Winding Down06:04
  14. 14Tim Brooks: Made From Scratch02:52
  15. 15Nathan Cavaleri (age 10!) - stage banter00:44
  16. 16Nathan Cavaleri - ?02:49
  17. 17Elliott Easton & Gregg Allman introductions02:40
  18. 18Elliott Easton & Gregg Allman: Stormy Monday09:39
  19. 19Dick Ryan speech, inviting guitarists to stage03:04
  20. 20One Way Out (w/10 guitarists!)14:31
Liner Notes

Dick Dale - guitar; Harvey Mandel - guitar; Henry Kaiser - guitar; Freddie Roulette - guitar; Tim Brooks - guitar; Nathan Cavaleri - guitar; Elliot Easton - guitar; Larry LaLonde - guitar; Rik Emmett - guitar; Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - guitar; Adrian Belew - guitar; Steve Morse - guitar; Frank Gambale - guitar; Adrian Legg - guitar; Tim Brooks - guitar; Tom Coster - keyboards; Ron Ecklund - bass; Les Claypool - bass; Prairie Prince - drums; Sonny Matthews - drums; Tim Alexander.- drums; Steve Smith - drums

According to the announcer on track 1, the recording begins at the halfway point, so the firsat half is missing. But at least you have some of the higher profile artists and the grand finale. I was able to identify all artists except one and the majority of the song titles. Theres an impressive list of personnel, but I'm sure a few people are still unidentified. This list is primarily those who are actually announced on the recording, plus a few guitarists I recognize on the grande finale that are mentioned in a few online articles as being there. Despite being chopped up a bit and incomplete, whats here is primarily good to excellent quality and many great musicians are present. There's a great version of the "Thrill Is Gone" with Henry Kaiser, Harvey Mandel and Freddie Roullette joining forces and a surprisingly hot "Stormy Monday" with Elliot Easton (The Cars) and Gregg Allman teaming up. This recording also includes a ten year old Nathan Cavaleri, who is a relatively well-known blues guitarist these days. The grande finale is a bit ridiculous and the mix wildly varies throughout its 14 + minute duration, but folks may still get a kick out of hearing "One Way Out" featuring 10 lead guitar players!