Until The Ribbon Breaks Oct 24, 2013

Until The Ribbon Breaks

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:06
  2. 2202504:24
  3. 3Romeo04:19
  4. 4Back To The Stars03:51
Until The Ribbon Breaks Oct 24, 2013
Liner Notes

Pete Lawrie Winfield the man from Cardiff and close associate with the breakout star of 2013 -- Lorde, who plays under the name Until The Ribbon Breaks, sings about thinking about marrying a stranger, saying, "It's not that it's not love. It's just a sign of the times." In his hands, love is a beautiful, barren land, where one knows not when there will be a break in the monotony of loneliness. His music rakes us across those coals, but when you're suffering, such a thing can feel like you're sunning yourself. It might not feel like torture at all.

In fact, Winfield really does make the gloominess of searching out someone to love and someone who might accept your love feel rather romantic. There's a big sky above and there's that feeling of being tiny in a grand universe where, no matter how insignificant you and everything else can feel at times, some things really do fall into place in a manner than makes the chaos theory feel like a real blessing in disguise. There are times when it tends to appear that there really is some conniving being pulling the strings from above, or below. They might not know you by name or appearance, but they'll cut you the same number of breaks that they cut everyone else. You'll get yours, whether it feels that way or not. It might still feel like loneliness, but it's something much different.