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  1. 1Tear The Roof Off05:13
  2. 2Allied Forces04:45
  3. 3Fight The Good Fight05:14
  4. 4Blinding Light Show10:01
  5. 5Lay It On The Line05:08
  6. 6Rock 'N' Roll Machine03:27
  7. 7Guitar Solo05:30
  8. 8Magic Power05:46
  9. 9Hot Time In The City Tonight05:01
  10. 10Nature's Child07:48
Liner Notes

Rik Emmett - guitar, vocals; Mike Levine - bass, vocals; Gil Moore - drums, vocals

From their earliest days in sweaty rock rooms of Toronto during the summer of 1975, the trio of singer/bassist Mike Levine, singer/guitarist Rik Emmett, and drummer/singer Gil Moore always seemed to be in control. By 1977, Triumph was doing dates throughout its native Canada and the US, and within three years the band hit gold as one of RCA (and later MCA) Record's biggest acts, powered by a staple of FM hits that included "Lay It On The Line," "Fight The Good Fight," "Hold On," and "Allied Forces." With the only exception of Rush, there was no bigger act out of Canada in the late 1970s and early '80s.

Although Triumph were never critic's darlings, it is widely agreed that the time frame from which this memorable show was recorded was during the band's best musical years. Much of Triumph's success was credited to their ability to fit into nearly all the rock radio formats of the 1980s. The band was head on the superstar format, AOR, the active/passive format, and Top 40, which gave them considerable exposure on the radio.

Many of the band's best loved songs were featured during this 1982 show from Orlando's Tangerine Bowl, including "Tear The Roof Off," "Allied Forces" (the title track off what many consider their best record), "Fight The Good Fight," "Lay It On The Line," and "Rock And Roll Machine."

The band does get a tad self-indulgent, especially during Emmett's five-and-a-half-minute "Guitar Solo" and the considerably dated "Blinding Light Show," but for the most part this show really rocks. The band remained intact until 1988, when Emmett left to pursue a solo career. He was replaced by Phil X, but after releasing one single the band folded.