The Sons of Champlin

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  1. 1It's Time05:54
  2. 2Love Of A Woman08:42
  3. 3Boomp Boomp Chop13:04
  4. 4You Can Fly12:24
  5. 5Get High / Freedom14:25
Liner Notes

Bill Champlin - guitar, keyboards, vocals; Terry Haggerty - lead guitar; Geoffrey Palmer - keyboards, vocals, vibraphone; Al Strong - bass, vocals; Tim Cain - saxophone, keyboards; John Leones - saxophone; Jim Beem - trumpet; Bill Bowen - drums

This is a great example of a Sons of Champlin show, recorded days before the release of their second album. The Sons were very experimental and capable of smoking improvisation. Most of the songs on this set include lengthy, spontaneously occurring jams.

The show kicks off with four tracks from their forthcoming second album for Capitol Records. The first two songs feature the funky B-3 organ dominating, punctuated by chunky leads from Haggerty and the punch of the horn section. The third song is a treat for fans of this era; "Boomp Boomp Chop" fits right in with their feel-good, funky groove. The message is clear in the lyrics: "Let's have a good time." The sentiment is furthered by a great jam, with an extended sax solo that eventually gives way to a spacey, free-form improvisation where Champlin's B-3 combines beautifully with Palmer's vibraphone tone.

Another preview of their second album follows with "You Can Fly." This version cooks along nicely before launching into another extended jam that features a smoking, jagged solo from Haggerty and a hot horn arrangement. This eventually dissolves into a quiet, contemplative section where Champlin morphs the lyrics of Sly's "You Can Make It If You Try" with his own, as the band builds the song back up into a frenetic reprise to end the set.

The audience clamors for more and the band obliges by tackling "Get High," one of the most adventurous songs from their 1968 double album Loosen Up Naturally. Once again they jam extensively, their grooves featuring a lot more of that great combination of wailing B-3 organ and spacey vibraphone electric piano - a smoking finale to an inspired performance.