The Roches

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  1. 1Introduction by Chevy Chase00:31
  2. 2We03:06
  3. 3Hallelujah Chorus03:26
  4. 4The Mountain People03:38
  5. 5Monologue / Song Intro00:52
  6. 6Vote The Democratic Way01:09
  7. 7Monologue / Song Intro00:59
  8. 8Mr. Sellack04:19
  9. 9Outro by Chevy Chase00:48
Liner Notes

Maggie Roche - guitar, vocals; Terre Roche - guitar, vocals; Suzzy Roche - vocals

Possessing one of the most distinctive, diverse and original vocal blends in modern music, Maggie, Terre and Suzzy Roche take to the stage of New Jersey's Capital Theater in support of Bill Bradley's Senatorial campaign in October of 1978.

Introduced by Saturday Night Live superstar Chevy Chase, the sisters (who originally hail from New Jersey) surprise and delight the audience with their unique vocal arrangements and a style all their own. Among the highlights are the hilarious self-introduction song "We" to open the set, followed by a soaring rendition of Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus." The latter arrangement would gain the sister's their first national television exposure when they would perform it on Saturday Night Live three weeks later. Addressing the political nature of this benefit, the sister's also weave barbershop harmonies around "Vote The Democratic Way" and close with their ode to working people, "Mr. Sellack."

Coinciding with the sessions for their debut album as a trio, then in production with King Crimson's Robert Fripp producing, this is a wonderful window into the sister's early years, when their unconventional harmonies, wry humor and socially concious songwriting was just beginning to gain attention.