The Power Station

  • Date May 24, 1985
  • Total Length 09:30
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Liner Notes

Power Station came about during a hiatus for Duran Duran, when bassist John Taylor and guitarist Andy Taylor decided to pursue a heavier rock sound than the other offshoot, Arcadia. Rounded out with esteemed session drummer Tony Thompson and Robert Palmer performing vocal duties, it was one of the chicest, albeit short-lived, supergroups of the 1980's.

This press conference was recorded in New York City with local radio personalities Shadow Stevens, Lisa Robinson, and Scott Shannon, and was hosted so that the band could announce that, since no one had summer plans, they would be putting on a U.S. tour. Besides talking about getting the album and tour together, the most interesting tidbit is the preliminary plan to hold that summer's Live Aid concert at Shea Stadium in New York. It is also wort noting that at this point, Robert Palmer still seemed ready to tour with the group. In actuality, Michael Des Barres replaced him because, in order to take advantage of the name recognition he received through Power Station, he recorded Riptide over the summer.

00:15 - A surprise tour / coordinating schedules
01:18 - Differences between Duran Duran and Power Station
02:07 - Intro to "Communication"
02:35 - "Getting away with murder" / only works because they get along
03:36 - "The perfect rock group"?
04:32 - Opening acts for the tour: Spandau Ballet, Go West, Paul Young
05:30 - Tony: more satisfying to be in a group
06:05 - Material to be performed on the tour
07:15 - Robert: finally being recognized on a larger scale
08:25 - Plans for a live recording
08:41 - Live Aid