The Pointer Sisters

Sample this concert
  1. 1I'm So Excited04:59
  2. 2Having A Party / Wang Dang Doodle06:39
  3. 3Automatic04:19
  4. 4Slow Hand06:07
  5. 5Dare Me04:35
  6. 6Swing Low Sweet Chariot07:32
  7. 7Fire05:51
  8. 8Should I Do It?05:09
  9. 9Fairytale07:10
  10. 10Lay It On The Line03:39
  11. 11Band Introductions / Baby Come And Get It10:46
  12. 12I Need You04:23
  13. 13Neutron Dance06:06
  14. 14Jump (For My Love)09:42
Liner Notes

Ruth Pointer - vocals; Anita Pointer - vocals; June Pointer - vocals; Joe Mumford - guitar; Jim Ingle - drums; Eric McKain - percussion; Marc Ritter - piano, synthesizer; Greg Whelchel - synthesizer; Don Boyett - bass guitar, bass synthesizer

This 1985 performance from acclaimed R&B act the Pointer Sisters, recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour in Detroit, Michigan, occurred shortly after the release of their album Contact, and the very day after the release of that album's hit single, "Dare Me." By the time of this show, the group had been through a few significant changes since its inception in Oakland, California during the early '70s. Moving gradually away from their R&B/soul roots, the trio had adopted a more new wave-oriented pop sound and production, which resulted in some major hits, including "I'm So Excited" and "Neutron Dance," the latter of which was featured in popular 1984 comedy Beverly Hills Cop. Additionally, Bonnie Pointer had been gone from the formerly four-piece group for seven years, having departed to pursue a solo career with Motown in 1978.

Promising a set comprised of songs old and new in their intro following set opener "I'm So Excited," the sisters punctuate their diverse, nearly hour-and-a-half set with several bits of affable stage banter. June mentions that they had already received two American Music Awards, two Grammys, and their first double-platinum album in that year alone. The set's various musical styles range from the country-inflected "Fairytale" (which they performed at the Grand Ole Opry in 1974, the first black female group ever to perform there) to the June-led rock number "Lay It on the Line." Overall, the set is comprised mostly of newer material, drawing heavily from their hit 1983 album, Break Out.

Their cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Fire" is one of the set's highlights—they stop for a moment mid-song before their favorite part, encouraging the audience to sing along. Later, the first several minutes of "Baby Come and Get It" are dedicated to introducing the members of the band, who solo as they're introduced, gradually adding up to the instrumentation for the then-recent pop track. "Neutron Dance" and "Jump (For My Love)" form the rousing conclusion to the show, with the latter track featuring a breakdown inviting audience participation, as well as a long instrumental outro.

As the '80s continued, Anita and June would release solo records, but the group was not quite as commercially successful, experiencing a commercial lull before featuring in the 1995 revival of Ain't Misbehavin', a Fats Waller musical on whose soundtrack they were featured. June Pointer tragically passed away in 2006, but the Pointer Sisters, now featuring Issa Pointer, Ruth's daughter, continue to perform their hits live together.