The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

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  1. 1Clouds In My Heart09:25
  2. 2Got My Mojo Working03:29
  3. 3Outro00:48
  4. 4Bill Graham00:49
Liner Notes

Paul Butterfield - harmonica, b/g vocals; Mike Bloomfield - guitar, b/g vocals; Elvin Bishop - guitar, b/g vocals; Mark Naftalin - organ, b/g vocals; Jerome Arnold - bass; Billy Davenport - drums; Muddy Waters - guest vocals; Luther Johnson - guest guitar

The previous night featured a memorable event where members of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band joined Muddy Waters' band onstage to close the show. On this Sunday performance, the final show of this legendary run, Muddy Waters and Luther Johnson return the favor by joining the Butterfield Band on a few numbers to close the show. What we have here is that particular sequence, which begins with a smoldering groove on Waters' rarely played original, "Clouds In My Heart." Waters' deep, relaxed vocal delivery combines with the undeniable energy of Paul Butterfield's harp embellishments. Together they burn for nine solid minutes. Elvin Bishop adds tasty slide guitar and Johnson and Bloomfield fire off a few hot licks here and there, but it is Butterfield and Waters at the forefront.

They end the night with a tight up-tempo arrangement of "Got My Mojo Working," with the Butterfield crew taking on the background vocals. It is not unlike their own studio version, but has more frenetic energy and The Man himself on lead vocals, making it a very engaging performance. Everyone is in fine form here, transcending generational barriers and obviously enjoying themselves. They wrap it up with a quick closing ditty amidst rousing applause from the audience.

As the musicians exit, Bill Graham takes the stage and acknowledges them as "The Muddy Butterfield Blues Band." This is followed by a brief commentary from Graham on the recent police conflict at Hunter's Point and his closing announcements.