The New Riders of the Purple Sage

Sample this concert
  1. 1Workin' Man Blues04:39
  2. 2Portland Woman07:37
  3. 3Down In The Boondocks07:19
  4. 4Fair Chance To Know05:24
  5. 5Big Yellow Taxi04:51
  6. 6I Don't Know You04:55
  7. 7Dirty Business10:08
  8. 8Sailin'04:13
  9. 9Glendale Train06:28
  10. 10Lodi / Henry10:45
  11. 11Superman05:41
  12. 12Six Days On The Road03:24
  13. 13Last Lonely Eagle08:02
  14. 14Lochinvar05:13
  15. 15Louisiana Lady03:31
Liner Notes

John Dawson - guitar, vocals; David Nelson - lead guitar, vocals; Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar; Dave Torbert - bass, vocals; Spencer Dryden - drums

This is The New Riders of the Purple Sage opening for the Grateful Dead during their last run of shows at the Fillmore East.

The entire NRPS set is here and, like the other nights, most of the material from their debut LP is performed. Garcia's pedal steel flavorings are everywhere, and he seizes the chance to get really weird on "Dirty Business," processing the pedal steel through various effects including a wah-wah and a fuzzbox. The most unusual thing about this set, however, is NRPS' attempt at a full blown take on Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi." Garcia really noodles around with the tune, and though obviously under-rehearsed, it's one you won't find on any other NRPS recordings. They also play respectable covers of John Fogerty's "Lodi," the Billie Joe Royal hit "Down In The Boondocks" and the ubiquitous "Six Days On The Road," a song every country-influenced band back then seemed to include in their repertoire.

No matter what genre the New Riders were trying to engage, they always added an inflected sound uniquely their own. In any case, it's thrilling to watch a band like this beginning to coalesce, to test the air with their collaborative wings - flourishing and taking flight.