The Jayhawks

Sample this concert
  1. 1Two Angels04:47
  2. 2I'd Run Away03:38
  3. 3Ten Little Kids04:37
  4. 4Dan Murphy Introduction00:25
  5. 5Take Me With You (When You Go)05:20
  6. 6Over My Shoulder03:55
  7. 7Clouds06:22
  8. 8Waiting For The Sun04:44
  9. 9Pray For Me03:45
  10. 10stage banter / introductions00:39
  11. 11Red's Song04:28
  12. 12Blue03:37
  13. 13The Baltimore Sun03:45
  14. 14Martin's Song03:31
  15. 15Two Hearts03:51
  16. 16Nothing Left To Borrow03:44
  17. 17See Him On The Street03:18
  18. 18Bad Time03:49
  19. 19Miss William's Guitar03:41
  20. 20Sister Cry06:16
  21. 21Six Pack On The Dashboard03:50
  22. 22Ain't No End04:16
  23. 23Real Light03:42
  24. 24You Ain't Goin' Nowhere04:19
  25. 25Song Intro00:28
  26. 26If You Really Want Me To, I'll Go03:16
  27. 27Get The Load Out05:15
  28. 28Witchita06:52
  29. 29Lights06:47
Liner Notes

Mark Olson - vocals, guitar; Gary Louris - vocals, guitar; Marc Perlman - bass; Karen Grotberg - keyboards, vocals; Tim O'Reagan - drums; Guest: Dan Murphy - guitar, vocals

Recorded at Tramps in New York City, enjoy The Jayhawks performing live just seven weeks after Tomorrow the Green Grass was released. Arguably the group's finest hour, they perform that album in its entirety save but one song over the course of this lengthy concert. Fleshed out with choice material from their 1992 breakthrough album Hollywood Town Hall and a couple of choice covers (including Dylan's "You Ain't Going Nowhere"), this set is The Jayhawks performing before a very appreciative audience at a key moment in the group's history.

Mark Olson would depart by year's-end to pursue working with Victoria Williams and although the band would continue, they never quite recaptured the vocal harmonies and catchy melodies heard in such abundance here. Also of note is a guest appearance by Soul Asylum's Dan Murphy, who joins in on "Take Me With You (When You Go)," "Over My Shoulder", "Clouds," the hit single "Waiting For The Sun" and "Pray For Me" early on in the show and who returns during the final encores. Indeed, this recording captures a peak moment for The Jayhawks, when the partnership between singer-songwriters Mark Olson and Gary Louris was still strong and their vision of melodic country rock had come to full fruition.