The Divinyls

Sample this concert
  1. 1Intro tape over PA (Alfred Hitchcock)00:42
  2. 2I'll Make You Happy03:29
  3. 3Gonna Get You03:36
  4. 4Only Lonely03:29
  5. 5Song Intro00:12
  6. 6Sleeping Beauty03:35
  7. 7In My Life (INC)04:13
  8. 8Good Die Young03:40
  9. 9Science Fiction04:29
  10. 10Guillotine Day03:22
  11. 11Motion03:57
  12. 12Casual Encounter03:13
  13. 13Pleasure And Pain03:42
  14. 14Dont You Go Walking (INC)05:46
  15. 15Siren02:50
  16. 16Boys In Town03:14
  17. 17Elsie10:12
Liner Notes

Christina Amphlett - vocals; Mark McEntee - guitar, keyboards, vocals; Bjarne Ohlin - guitar, keyboards, vocals; Rick Grossman - bass; JJ Harris - drums

Responsible for "Science Fiction," one of the most popular Top 30 Australian hits of all time and "I Touch Myself," one of the steamiest and most controversial global hits of the early 1990s, The Divinyls would become one of Australia's most successful musical exports.

Recorded a full six years prior to the success of "I Touch Myself," here is The Divinyls delivering their unique blend of new wave and aggressive hard rock to New York City at the tail end of 1985. This intimate club performance places an emphasis on Christina Amphlett and Mark McEntee's songwriting collaborations for their second album, What A Life, but also features choice selections from their 1983 debut album, Desperate, and the Monkey Grip soundtrack.