The Cure

Sample this concert
  1. 1Shake Dog Shake04:38
  2. 2Piggy In The Mirror03:28
  3. 3Wailing Wall05:33
  4. 4M04:01
  5. 5Primary03:31
  6. 6Cold04:50
  7. 7The Hanging Garden04:26
  8. 8Charlotte Sometimes04:19
  9. 9Secrets03:38
  10. 10The Walk03:30
  11. 11Let's Go To Bed03:37
  12. 12One Hundred Years07:00
  13. 13Give Me It03:08
  14. 14A Forest07:50
  15. 15Happy The Man02:54
  16. 16The Caterpillar04:02
  17. 17Interlude02:52
  18. 18Three Imaginary Boys02:56
  19. 19Boys Don't Cry03:04
  20. 2010:15 Saturday Night03:27
  21. 21Killing An Arab03:07
  22. 22Forever09:26
Liner Notes

Robert Smith - vocals, guitar; Lol Tolhurst - keyboards; Andy Anderson - drums; Phil Thornalley - bass; Porl Thompson - guitar, saxophone

The Cure had been gradually building their U.S. fan base when they embarked on their third American tour to promote their 1984 studio release, The Top. This recording was made on that tour, and features the band during their most defining musical period.

Coming off the success of hits like "Let's Go To Bed" and "Boys Don't Cry," Robert Smith and the band had finally come to the point where they could take The Cure's eccentric, characteristically dark sound and combine it with a more radio-friendly approach.

At the same time that he was working with The Cure, Smith was also playing with Siouxsie and the Banshees. Musically, however, his true home was always with The Cure - a fact made more than apparent on this recording.

The Cure would eventually go through a number of musical and personal upheavals, but most agree this was the time when they were at their musical peak. Highlights of this set include "Let's Go To Bed," "Shake Dog Shake" and "Boys Don't Cry." They end this noteworthy show with a live rendition of "Forever."

For diehard fans or curious listeners, this show offers an impeccable live recording of one of the '80s biggest groups in their prime. Enjoy.