The Carla Bley Band

Sample this concert
  1. 1Song Sung Long21:57
  2. 2Spangled Banner Minor and Other Patriotic Songs05:20
  3. 3Spangled Banner Minor and Other Patriotic Songs continued00:42
  4. 4Spangled Banner Minor and Other Patriotic Songs continued01:45
  5. 5Spangled Banner Minor and Other Patriotic Songs continued01:26
  6. 6Spangled Banner Minor and Other Patriotic Songs continued01:16
  7. 7New National Anthem / Stars & Stripes Forever17:50
  8. 8stage banter/ song intro06:11
  9. 9A New Hymn10:59
  10. 10stage banter/song intro00:36
  11. 11Rose And Sad Song09:47
  12. 12Rose And Sad Song continued08:54
  13. 13Drinking Music07:07
Liner Notes

Carla Bley - piano, organ, conductor; "Blue" Gene Tyranny - piano, keyboards; Michael Mantler - trumpet; Alan Braufman - alto saxophone, clarinet, flute; Gary Windo - soprano and tenor saxophone; George Lewis - trombone; John Clark - french horn, guitar; Bob Stewart - tuba; Patty Price - bass; Phillip Wilson - drums

This recording is an important discovery as very little circulates from her 1960/70s eras outside of official releases. These are very good quality and nearly complete performances featuring a phenomenal lineup. Like Zappa and Miles, Bley has always been a magnet and mentor to legendary musicians and this lineup is a prime example. Every member of this relatively big band is accomplished individually and most became bandleaders. These recordings also feature some of Bley's most celebrated compositions when they were still relatively new. Bley has always embraced a lack of boundaries in her music, but this was a particularly experimental era featuring everything from national anthems to free jazz territory.