The Blisters

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:02
  2. 2Through You03:13
  3. 3Elliptical02:59
  4. 4Finally Bored02:43
  5. 5One Day02:27
The Blisters Jun 6, 2013
Liner Notes

One listen to a song like "One Day" and you can be convinced that the boys in Chicago band The Blisters are not anything like typical teenagers. They might not be teenagers at all, but rather reincarnates - a state that could never be proven, just hunched at. There's talk about breathing in the scent of a head of hair, of breathing in someone's cure and it all feeling like the tortured thoughts of a drifter, of someone who just can't get back to the place where he left his heart some time ago. It sounds like it's coming from an older man with a ton of time on his hands, with plenty of mistakes to weigh and yet with a disposition that's still largely optimistic.

There's a belief that one day, everything will align, the river will rise and flow out of eyes in a beautiful way, the sun will come out and "shoot like rays out of your mouth" and somehow this will all amount to something a bit more triumphant and transcendent. These are the beliefs that one mumbles to himself in times of concern, when stress levels are high and there are nothing but overcast skies for as far as the eye can see.

Surely, these young men - vocalist/guitarist Henry Mosher, guitarist Hayden Holbert, bassist Tory Postilion-Lopez and drummer Spencer Tweedy (who happens to be the son of Wilco lead singer Jeff Tweedy) - shouldn't be dealing with such disillusionment, waiting for the floods to come clean house, just yet. Again, it must be that they aren't young men.