The Be Good Tanyas Sep 11, 2012

The Be Good Tanyas

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:03
  2. 2Hey Little Mama04:27
  3. 3Little Black Bear02:26
  4. 4Midnight Moonlight04:32
  5. 5Ootischenia03:32
The Be Good Tanyas Sep 11, 2012
Liner Notes

It just so happens that tonight's the end of a Sunday. It was a day that started crisply enough to necessitate a sweatshirt through the noon hour, before heating up sufficiently. It was a day that ended crisply, with a bevy of moon glow riding through the indigo blackness. It's now a night that you wouldn't mind sleeping out in. You'd still need to bundle up, but you might not need much. They'll be a heavy dew in the morning, but the chilliness that will flow through the overnight will be polite enough, the skies clear enough, that it will be as pleasant as it could ever really be as long as you bring out some kind of matting to soften the hard ground. It probably goes without saying.

It's such a night - especially the Sunday part of it - that makes The Be Good Tanyas sound so fit for the day, or for the morning that you'd wake up to tomorrow, if you were willing to sleep out under the stars, hearing all of those nocturnal scavengers trespassing through the backyard, getting into the garbage, rutting into the lawn and mating with another hot, furry body.

Frazey Ford, Samantha Parton and Trish Klein of the long-running Canadian folk group write the kinds of songs that make us think of lying on our backs, in the middle of a gentle night and not feeling like everything's weighing down on us, making it hard for us to breathe. They write into their songs people dealing with convenient love, which is never easy to deal with, but it can be exactly what they want some days. It can never be taken as lightly as one of these passing days of autumnal temperatures and fading summer light. These are the days that require no filter or context, just as little breaking as possible, so there can be minimal sidetracking. There's sorrow abounding, but it's all manageable and it puts everything into a tidy perspective.