The B-52's

Sample this concert
  1. 1Intro Music00:39
  2. 2Lava05:05
  3. 3Give Me Back My Man04:22
  4. 46060-84202:53
  5. 5Devil In My Car04:49
  6. 652 Girls03:45
  7. 7Quiche Lorraine04:18
  8. 8Dirty Back Road03:11
  9. 9Private Idaho03:58
  10. 10Strobe Light04:16
  11. 11Runnin' Around03:17
  12. 12Rock Lobster05:10
  13. 13Dance This Mess Around04:12
  14. 14Planet Claire04:34
  15. 15Party Out Of Bounds03:16
  16. 16Downtown02:44
  17. 1753 Miles West Of Venus04:29
Liner Notes

Fred Schneider - vocals, keyboards, glockenspiel, various toys; Cindy Wilson - vocals, percussion; Ricky Wilson - guitar; Kate Pierson - vocals, keyboards, bass; Keith Strickland - drums

This is a terrific document of the group shortly after the 2nd album release. They play the 2nd album in it's entirety as well as most of the first album. It's b&w, but well lit, good audio and every second of it is here. The original lineup (they look so young!) bursting with creativity on their first tour as headliners.