The Allman Brothers Band

Sample this concert
  1. 1Save My Life08:44
  2. 2I Don't See Nothing10:12
  3. 3Blues Jam / Bill Graham Announcements About Marriage Ceremony11:22
  4. 4You Don't Love Me10:01
  5. 5We Bid You Goodnight04:37
  6. 6Mountain Jam / closing announcements16:23
Liner Notes

Gregg Allman - lead vocals, organ, electric piano; Dickey Betts - lead guitar, slide guitar; Lamar Williams - bass; Chuck Leavell - piano; Butch Trucks - drums, percussion; Jai Johanson - drums; Guest: Jerry Garcia - guitar; Guest: Bill Kreutzmann - drums; Guest: Boz Scaggs - vocals, guitar; Guest: Les Dudeck - guitar

This is the third and final set of this long New Year's Eve night, and by this point, many of the musicians need a well deserved break, but Boz Scaggs, Betts, Leavell, Kreutzmann and a few others are still ready to go. They invite another respected guitarist, Les Dudeck, out on stage and this smaller ensemble delivers a highly charged blues set, again with Scaggs handling the vocal duties. They wind their way through a few more improvisational blues jams, ending with the hottest blues jam of this set.

Bill Graham then comes out on stage to make a surprising announcement. Apparently, a young couple attending the show wished to get married, so Bill found a Reverend in the house and invited them to get married on stage during the break.

At this point in the wee hours of the morning, the musicians are up for more, and once again Jerry Garcia joins The Allman Brothers Band for this entire set. As a humorous homage to the newly married couple, they kick off this final set with, "You Don't Love Me," performed as an instrumental. Once again, Betts and Garcia take things to soaring heights, and Garcia begins to noodle around on the traditional "And We Bid You Goodnight," with a few bars of "Old Lang Syne" thrown in for good measure. Surely the audience figured they were finally winding things down, but just at the point where it sounds like things are coming to a mellow close, the familiar riff of "Mountain Jam" begins.

To totally exhaust every last bit of energy out of the crowd, the group launches into yet another great jam, with Garcia and Betts having one last go, thus bringing this monumental concert to a close.