The Allman Brothers Band

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  1. 1Bill Graham Introduction01:46
  2. 2Good Lovin'07:29
  3. 3Bill Graham Introductions & Tuning01:07
  4. 4Key To The Highway08:41
  5. 5Jam02:02
  6. 6Jingo Jam05:00
  7. 7Olatunji Jam02:50
Liner Notes

Gregg Allman - vocals, organ; Dickey Betts - vocals, guitar; Danny Toler - guitar; Chuck Leavell - keyboards; Bruce Waibel - bass; Jai Johanson - drums; Butch Trucks - drums; Guest: Paul Butterfield - harmonica; Guest: Felix Cavaliere -organ; Guest: Mick Taylor - guitar; Guest: Carlos Santana - guitar; Guest: Stephen Stills - guitar; Guest: Baba Olatunji - drums; Guest: Buddy Miles - drums

This Allman Brothers performance is not only notable for the special guests that joined them onstage for this special event, but for the fact that they played at all. The group had retired as a live act during this time period, and the Gregg Allman Band and Dickey Betts Band were two separate entities. Here the two bands collaborate for a set of Allman Brothers favorites, followed by a second set of jam sessions featuring many great musicians.

Following Bill Graham's introduction of the band members, they warm up with Gregg's "Midnight Rider" followed by Betts' "Blue Sky," two classic older originals. Following these opening numbers, they bring out Paul Butterfield to add his extraordinary harp blowing skills to an extended version of "One Way Out" followed by "Statesboro Blues." They end this initial set with a double dose of classic's from the "Brothers And Sisters" album; "Southbound" and the ever popular instrumental "Jessica."

The jam set begins with Bill Graham introducing Felix Cavaliere, the great lead singer and organist from The Rascals to the stage. He replaces Gregg in the organ seat and the group kicks into a high energy take on "Good Lovin'." Felix is a master at engaging a crowd and he gets everyone moving while improvising a little jam in the middle that features bits of Chuck Berry's "Maybellene" as well as "Who Do You Love," before reprising "Good Lovin'" proper.

With the excitement level raised considerably, Bill Graham returns to the stage to introduce a plethora of other guests for an open jam session. Gregg Allman returns to the organ seat and is joined once again by Paul Butterfield, but now they add three additional guitarists, Carlos Santana, Mick Taylor, and Stephen Stills, as well as percussionists Buddy Miles and Baba Olatunji to the massive ensemble.

What transpires is approximately half an hour of jamming that begins with the rockin' blues of "Key to the Highway" and "I Got My Mojo Workin'" before transitioning into a Latin-flavored "Jingo" jam that dissolves into a percussion extravaganza led by Olatunji. All in all, this is a very unusual set and another example of Bill Graham bringing fascinating combinations of musicians together on stage.