Taj Mahal

Sample this concert
  1. 1Intro05:56
  2. 2Strut02:46
  3. 3Banter: "Bonsoir Madame Et Monsieur"02:53
  4. 4Think03:26
  5. 5Hard Way00:25
  6. 6Irresistible You05:10
  7. 7Banter: "Merci Beaucoup"03:28
  8. 8(I'll Be Glad When You're Dead) You Rascal You05:06
  9. 9Cheatin' On You00:18
  10. 10Queen Bee04:03
  11. 11Senor Blues00:17
  12. 12Banter: "Give It Up For Yourselves"03:50
  13. 13Gonna Move Up The Country (Paint My Mailbox Blues)00:15
  14. 14Stranger In My Own Hometown03:13
  15. 15Let The Four Winds Blow03:41
  16. 16Here In The Dark01:31
  17. 17Good Times Are Gone03:08
  18. 18Mr. Pitiful04:03
  19. 19Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes03:06
  20. 20She Caught The Katy06:31
  21. 21Farther On Down The Road04:24
  22. 22Outro00:28