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  1. 1Give A Little Bit04:09
  2. 2Bloody Well Right07:38
  3. 3Sister Moonshine05:48
  4. 4From Now On07:04
  5. 5Hide In Your Shell07:30
  6. 6Poor Boy05:04
  7. 7Dreamer03:32
  8. 8Fool's Overture10:44
Liner Notes

Rick Davies - keyboards, vocals; John Helliwell - saxophone, vocals; Roger Hodgson - guitar, keyboards, vocals; Bob Seibenberg - drums; Dougie Thomson - bass

Few progressive rock bands of the early 1970's managed to survive the end of the decade and beyond. One of the notable exceptions was Supertramp, who not only thrived during the late 1970s, but continued to achieve global popularity well into the following decade. The rise began upon the release of Crime Of The Century in 1974, an album that quickly became an FM radio staple, fueled by it's breakout song "Bloody Well Right," which also gained Supertramp the attention of North American listeners.

Supertramp's music would evolve over the course of the next several albums, fueled by the inventive songwriting of Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson. Embracing pop elements, a more streamlined sound, and relocating to The States by the end of the decade, Supertramp would deliver the multiplatinum Breakfast In America, which remains the band's most successful album.

Originally transmitted on The British Biscuit (the British version of the King Biscuit Flower Hour) and recorded live on stage at London's Royal Albert Hall in early 1977, enjoy Supertramp in their prime, unveiling material from their new album at the time, Even In The Quietest Moments. It all begins with the catchy acoustic guitar based opener, "Give A Little Bit" and gradually builds to the ambitious grand epic of "Fool's Overture" which closes out this performance. Both were brand new to audiences at the time, as is the blues-tinged "From Now On," which builds to a moving gospel choral finale. Over the course of this superb live recording, Supertramp deliver a great deal of diversity, as is exemplified on all of these new (at the time) compositions.

For older school Supertramp fans, plenty of choice material from Crisis? What Crisis? and Crime of the Century is also featured here. Representing the former is "Sister Moonshine" and "Poor Boy" and Crime of the Century enthusiasts will be delighted with outstanding live performances of "Hide In Your Shell," "Dreamer" and the song that essentially changed the band members lives forever, "Bloody Well Right."