Steve Winwood

  • Date Feb 21, 1983
  • Total Length 16:26
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Liner Notes

When this interview was recorded, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Winwood was three albums deep into his solo career. Talking Back to the Night had been recently released on which Winwood played every instrument, a method he had started on his successful Arc of a Diver. While Lisa Robinson and Winwood discuss these more current albums here, the focus is mostly on his past, resulting in a few great sound bites about his time with Traffic and Blind Faith.

00:00 - Why people consider Winwood a recluse / trying to stay off the road
01:37 - Finding more to life than a rock n' roll tour
02:17 - Living the life of a rock star back in the day (sort of)
03:15 - Aging more gracefully than his peers
03:41 - Stephen, Steve, Stevie
04:18 - Starting young with the Spencer Davis Group / finding his voice
04:53 - Original intentions for Traffic / accomplishing those goals
06:24 - Self-deprecation of his voice
06:58 - Rock stars with great voices
07:31 - Not wanting to work with other musicians
08:53 - Thoughts on people buying his albums that don't know his past
09:26 - Favorite songs from the Traffic days
10:26 - Why Blind Faith didn't last
12:08 - Feeling like a relic of the 60's
12:31 - What rock n' roll means to Steve
13:17 - What instruments Steve played on Talking Back to the Night
14:26 - Making a record without a band (again)
15:53 - Plans for touring in the US