Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes

Sample this concert
  1. 1WNEW banter02:09
  2. 2John Scheer Introduction / All I Want Is Everything (incomplete)00:45
  3. 3This Time (incomplete)03:19
  4. 4Vertigo03:29
  5. 5Midnight Countdown03:13
  6. 6The Payback06:31
  7. 7Trapped Again02:36
  8. 8Sam Cooke Medley (incomplete)07:34
  9. 9Havin' A Party07:23
  10. 10This Time Baby's Gone For Good03:43
  11. 11Got To Be A Better Way Home03:24
  12. 12Hearts of Stone04:31
  13. 13Crew acknowledgements and band intros03:20
  14. 14This Time It's For Real04:06
  15. 15Backstage Banter & Interview09:44
Liner Notes

Southside Johnny Lyon - vocals; Kevin Kavanagh - keyboards; Billy Rush - guitar, vocals; Joel Gramolini - guitar, vocals; Al Berger - bass , vocals; Steve Becker - drums; Horns:; Eddie Manion - baritone & tenor saxophone; Bob Muckin - trumpet; Rick Gazda - trumpet; Bob Ferrell - trombone, vocal, piano

This one is a bit chopped up and is missing approximately half of the show, but whats here is good quality. Theres a good chance more of this show exists on one of the yet-to-be identified Southside Johnny videos from this catalogue.