Sha Na Na

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  1. 1Yakety Yak01:58
  2. 2Tears On My Pillow02:17
  3. 3Tell Laura I Love Her03:19
  4. 4Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay02:13
Liner Notes

Lonnie Baker - saxophone; Jeff Barry - producer; John "Bowzer" Bauman - vocals, keyboards; Elliot Cahn - guitar; Bruce Clarke - bass; Johnny Contardo - drums, keyboards; Dennis Greene - vocals; Ritch Joffe - percussion, vocals; Jocko Marcellino - drums; Scott Symon - bass, keyboards; Vince Taylor - guitar; Scott Powell; Tony Santini; Don York

Sha Na Na had been around for only a few years when they played this set as one of the opening acts selected for the One To One Benefit featuring John Lennon (in his final headlining live appearance). They had released a number of albums that both parodied and paid tribute to the flash doo-wop music of the 1950s. Most of the world, however, had been introduced to them in the documentary film, Woodstock, when the gold-clad 10-piece ensemble performed an energetic set to the rain-soaked masses at the legendary music festival.

They only do four songs in this mini-set, which includes the Coasters' "Yakety Yak," Little Anthony's "Tears On My Pillow," the tear-jerker "Tell Laura I Love Her," and the 1958 Danny & the Juniors gem, "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay."

On the success of the Woodstock appearance the group would go to host a summer TV show, where one member, John "Bowzer" Bauman, would go on to become a bona fide TV celebrity. They would also land a role in the film, Grease. There would be traumatic years, as well. The group suffered from health issues with some members, and were stunned when Vince Taylor, one the guitarists, died of a heroin overdose only two years after playing this show.

By the early '80s, however, the group had lost most of its original members and was spearheaded by Bauman, who remains a touring member.