Seth Justman

  • Date Oct 24, 1983
  • Total Length 11:52
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Liner Notes

Keyboardist, producer, and co-writer for the J. Geils Band, Seth Justman comes across as fully committed to the group in this interview with Lisa Robinson. And while there is still no reason to doubt his earnestness, the irony here is that Peter Wolf would leave the group shortly after this chat was recorded.

00:00 - Growth and examination with the band / gaining confidence
01:20 - Possibility of producing other bands / no plans for a solo album
02:00 - Musical influences, R&B and Motown in Atlantic City and Washington D.C.
02:30 - What it was like living in Atlantic City
03:15 - Getting involved in the J. Geils Band in college, "we were meant for each other"
04:55 - Starting to write songs
05:30 - Natural progression to producing and arranging, being part of a songwriting team
07:10 - How do you know when you've got it? How long does it take to make an album?
08:25 - Being obsessed with the band / making room for the rest of your life
10:10 - They broke the mold after Peter Wolf
10:40 - Being in sync and fluid as a band, open for change, no egos