Sequential Heart

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  1. 1Introduction03:03
  2. 2Steve Orlando / Writer of Supergirl and Midnighter21:37
  3. 3Brian Azzarello / Writer of 3 Floyds: Alpha King, The Dark Knight III17:53
  4. 4Lucy Knisley / Cartoonist of Something New, Relish23:06
  5. 5Jeff Parker / Writer of Future Quest, Batman '6625:08
  6. 6Noah Van Sciver / Cartoonist of Disquiet, Fante Bukowski24:44
  7. 7Van Jensen / Writer of Cryptocracy, Flash36:10
  8. 8Joshua Williamson / Writer of Flash, Birthright, Nailbiter31:33
  9. 9Tony Cliff / Cartoonist of Delilah Dirk and the King's Shilling28:26
  10. 10Eric Powell / Cartoonist of Hillbilly, The Goon05:27
  11. 11Jeff Smith / Cartoonist of Bone, Tuki Save the Humans31:38
  12. 12Ed Piskor / Cartoonist of Hip Hop Family Tree43:24
  13. 13Nate Powell / Illustrator of March & Two Dead47:01
  14. 14Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie / Creators of The Wicked + The Divine, Phonogram37:23
  15. 15Matt Kindt / Cartoonist of Dept. H, Mind MGMT45:35
  16. 16James Kochalka / Cartoonist of SuperF*ckers, American Elf1:01:03
  17. 17Ethan Young / Cartoonist of The Battles of Bridget Lee, Pilgrim Finch38:19
  18. 18Vera Brosgol / Cartoonist of Leave Me Alone, Anya's Ghost35:01
  19. 19Box Brown / Cartoonist of Tetris: The Games People Play37:26
  20. 20Marjorie Liu / Writer of Monstress29:04
  21. 21Raina Telgemeier / Cartoonist of Ghosts23:26
  22. 22Benjamin Marra / Cartoonist of American Blood, Terror Assaulter44:55
  23. 23The Best Comics of 2016 with Lauren McCallister43:50
  24. 24Michel Fiffe / Cartoonist of Copra50:58
  25. 25Leila del Duca / Writer of Afar40:06
  26. 26Daniel Warren Johnson / Cartoonist of Extremity40:29
  27. 27Chris Pasetto & Lukas Ketner / Kill the Minotaur51:30
  28. 28Cliff Chiang / Artist of Paper Girls51:52
  29. 29Ben Hatke / Cartoonist of Mighty Jack and the Goblin King53:56
  30. 30Matt Wagner / Cartoonist of Mage: The Hero Denied46:15
Liner Notes

Sequential Heart dives deep into the lifeblood of the comic book industry as hosts Sean Edgar & Eric French interview the most innovative writers and artists in the medium. More than a series of plot recaps, this podcast dissects the obsessions and passions of the greatest minds in sequential art.