Sample this concert
  1. 1Waiting For Elijah03:58
  2. 2Willin'03:49
  3. 313 Questions04:39
  4. 4Home To You04:26
  5. 5Oh My Love / Sally Goodin'10:02
  6. 6Flute Thing19:37
  7. 7Song Of Job11:39
  8. 8Orange Blossom Special06:25
  9. 9Out Where The Hills07:16
Liner Notes

Peter Rowan - guitar, lead vocals; Lloyd Baskin - keyboards, vocals; Richard Greene - violin; Andy Kulberg - bass, flute, vocals; Larry Atamanuik - drums, vocals

Seatrain was a band that changed personnel frequently over the few years it existed as a group, and this incarnation was probably the most interesting, containing ex-members of The Blues Project (Kulberg and Greene), and ex-Earth Opera founder and bluegrass virtuoso Peter Rowan.

Second on the bill, with Wishbone Ash opening and Elton John headlining, Seatrain was in top form this night. Relentlessly incorporating musical elements from their diverse backgrounds in previous groups, Seatrain was difficult to pin down. Peter Rowan largely dominated the group's sound during this era; but rather than the pure, acoustic bluegrass music he was legendary for, Rowan brought a style to Seatrain that combined his love for traditional bluegrass with the electrified psychedelia he had first experimented with in Earth Opera. Fans of the Seatrain albums will discover that they were a far more engaging band in concert, often improvising on the tight arrangements that dominated their studio output.

"Willin'" is a definite highlight of the set. The band should be recognized for discovering this classic Lowell George song years before it became a popular cover for so many other artists. Seatrain's arrangement is quite unique, incorporating bluegrass elements and creating a version more unique than those made popular by other artists of the day.

"Flute Thing" is the absolute best and most fascinating performance of this set. This classic Blues Project instrumental covers all the bases and greatly expands on what Kulberg was doing in the band, particularly with his wonderfully creative electrified flute playing and Richard Greene's outstanding wah-wah-fied violin improvisations. This piece ventures into jazz territory with excellent performances from all concerned. This is Seatrain at its most adventurous. Other than the drum solo which tends to get tedious, 19 minutes of exquisite jamming and flute-dominated spaciness leave you wanting more.

Finally, "Orange Blossom Special" is the classic bluegrass number, electrified for a rock audience. Richard Greene is incredible here, and together with the rest of the band, serves up a classic set of good, inspired rock 'n' roll.