Rudi Blesh and Stride Piano Stars

Sample this concert
  1. 1Show Introduction by Willis Connover01:16
  2. 2Group Introduction / Overview By Rudi Blesh05:05
  3. 3Stride Piano Demonstration ("Sweet Lorraine")- Donald Lambert02:55
  4. 4The Development of Ragtime and Stride Piano-Rudi Blesh03:09
  5. 5Talking About Early Hits from 1920's-Eubie Blake04:19
  6. 6Black Keys On Parade- Eubie Blake01:43
  7. 7Song Introduction00:28
  8. 8Lovey Joe- Eubie Blake01:55
  9. 9Introduction to Danny Barker Trio00:38
  10. 10Take Me Out To The Ballgame- Danny Barker Trio01:42
  11. 11Muskrat Ramble- Danny Barker Trio01:18
  12. 12The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise-Danny Barker Trio03:11
  13. 13Introduction to Donald Lambert02:28
  14. 14Song Introduction01:14
  15. 15Anitra's Dance-Donald Lambert02:49
  16. 16Song Introduction00:38
  17. 17Tea For Two-Donald Lambert04:05
  18. 18Liza- Donald Lambert03:29
  19. 19Introduction to Willie "the Lion" Smith03:13
  20. 20Polanaise- Willie "the Lion" Smith02:43
  21. 21Defines "Shout"-Willie "the Lion" Smith01:06
  22. 22Carolina Shout-Willie "the Lion" Smith02:21
  23. 23Song Introduction00:33
  24. 24Ain't Misbehavin'-Willie "the Lion" Smith03:57
  25. 25Song Introduction00:45
  26. 26Fats Waller Medley-Donald Lambert02:42
  27. 27Song Introduction00:16
  28. 28James P. Johnson Medley-Donald Lambert02:49
  29. 29Introduction to Eubie Blake00:34
  30. 30Old Fashioned Love-Eubie Blake03:42
  31. 31Song Introduction00:28
  32. 32Charleston-Eubie Blake01:42
  33. 33Charleston (Part 2)-Eubie Blake01:29
  34. 34Introduction to Danny Barker Trio00:44
  35. 35My Gal Sal-Danny Barker Trio02:33
  36. 36Tiger Rag-Danny Barker Trio01:29
  37. 37Introduction to Willie "the Lion" Smith01:05
  38. 38Sparklets- Willie "the Lion" Smith04:19
  39. 39Introduction to Donald Lambert00:26
  40. 40I Know That You know- Donald Lambert02:38
  41. 41Song Introduction00:32
  42. 42Memories Of You-Eubie Blake03:31
  43. 43Song Introduction00:48
  44. 44Stars and Stripes Forever-Eubie Blake, Donald Lambert, Willie "the Lion" Smith03:59