Roxy Music

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  1. 1For Your Pleasure04:51
  2. 2Both Ends Burning05:15
Liner Notes

Bryan Ferry - voice and keyboards; Eddie Jobson - strings, keyboards, vocals; Andy MacKay - saxophone and oboe; Phil Manzanera - guitar, vocals; Paul Thompson - drums; John Gustafson - bass, vocals

Roxy Music was embarking on its fifth tour in three years when they hit the road in the fall of 1975 in support of Siren. Featuring only two tracks in this mini set, Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music were still capable of putting on a solid live show, despite the fact that they embarked on this tour while being clearly exhausted and out of the steam.

The '75 tour was propelled by the huge international success of the single, "Love Is The Drug." The band could not afford to stay off the road, but in reality they were in dire need of a long rest. That rest did come (in some respects) shortly after this November show, when the band announced at the tour's end that they were taking a long hiatus. Although the live album, Viva! Roxy Music, was released the following year followed by a greatest hits record, the band would not return to both the studio and the concert trail for four more years, in 1979.

Ferry, a former ceramics teacher, formed the band in 1970 after being turned down as the replace for Greg Lake in prog rock pioneers, King Crimson. Robert Fripp, the guitarist from Crimson, didn't feel Ferry was right for that band, but liked his voice enough to get help him get signed by Crimson's management-owned label, EG Records.

Ferry quickly assembled the new band, calling it Roxy Music—initially they were just called Roxy, but there was a U.S. band already with that name. Most of the members came through ads Ferry placed in the Melody Maker music newspaper in the U.K. The band released their first album in 1972, and had a single straight away with the infectious pop ditty, "Virginia Plain." Other hits, such as "Remake/Remodel" and "Do The Strand," would follow, all charting in the U.K. Top 5. At the time, the band seemed more steeped in the current glam-rock movement that included David Bowie and T-Rex than they did with the prog movement from which Ferry originally aspired to be a part of.

The group has been both active and inactive since their inception, and has been balanced with the successful and ongoing solo careers of Ferry, guitarist Phil Manzanera, and saxophonist Andy MacKay.