Roxy Music

Sample this concert
  1. 1Introduction00:30
  2. 2Manifesto05:28
  3. 3Trash02:44
  4. 4A Song For Europe06:33
  5. 5Still Falls The Rain04:41
  6. 6Mother Of Pearl06:43
  7. 7Ain't That So06:15
  8. 8Out Of The Blue05:17
  9. 9Stronger Through The Years / Ladytron13:21
  10. 10In Every Dream Home A Heartache08:14
  11. 11Casanova04:31
  12. 12Love Is The Drug04:01
  13. 13Editions Of You03:55
  14. 14Re-Make/Re-Model04:13
  15. 15Do The Strand04:33
Liner Notes

Bryan Ferry - lead vocals, keyboards; Andy MacKay - saxophone, woodwinds; Phil Manzanera - guitars, vocals; Gary Tibbs - bass; Paul Carrack - keyboards, vocals; Paul Thompson - drums

Roxy Music's 1979 album, Manifesto, along with its corresponding tour, from which this show was recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour, marked a much-anticipated reunion for the group. Although the band had not officially broken up, they had announced an extended hiatus in 1977, so the members (especially Bryan Ferry) could record, tour and pursue solo identities in the music business.

Ferry had cut a successful second solo album and did one of his earliest solo tours with Roxy drummer Paul Thompson; Manzanera formed a guitar-oriented band called 801 with former Roxy keyboardist/soundloop whiz, Brian Eno; bassist John Wetton and violinist Eddie Jobson had formed a progressive rock band called U.K. and Andy MacKay kept busy working recording sessions. The band came roaring back in 1979 with Manifesto, one of their best albums. Featuring a brighter sound and more commercially viable songs, Manifesto kept the band on their toes, especially with the knowledge that Ferry could jump ship at any time to continue pursuing a successful solo career.

By the sound of this show, Ferry and the band took their return to the Roxy legacy as a pretty momentous opportunity, and used it as a springboard to launch the band on new, unexplored artistic trajectories. The new material is strong and the audience lets them know it, but when the band starts diving into their classic Roxy hits and album tracks, it is clear to everyone involved that Roxy never really left.

"Out of The Blue," "Stronger Through The Years/Ladytron" and "In Every Dream Home A Heartache," all help get the audience warmed up for what is really one of the most powerful encores the band had ever delivered. They close with hits "Love Is The Drug," "Editions of You," "Re-Make/Re-Model" and the dance showcase, "Do The Strand." All in all, this is a rocking performance - and proof, moreover, that Roxy Music, even deep in their second round, could still pack a powerful punch.