Roger Waters

  • Date Oct 22, 1984
  • Total Length 17:14
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Liner Notes

This interview with Lisa Robinson was recorded in 1984, after Roger Waters had started touring the US in support of The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking. A concept album written at the same time as The Wall, it was rejected by the other Pink Floyd members for seeming too "personal." Waters used the material for his first post-Floyd solo album, featuring Eric Clapton on the studio recording and ensuing tour.

There is some discussion about what it feels like to be doing a solo tour and the visual footage being used at the shows. The two most recent "Pink Floyd" endeavors are also discussed - the making of the movie for The Wall and the Final Cut. However, as per usual with Lisa Robinson, this material is used as the basis of explorations into ego struggles, control issues, infighting, and, of course, speculation about potential future Pink Floyd projects. And while Gilmour, Wright and Mason would soon reform and experience some success with the name, you can hear in this interview why Waters didn't join in again until 2005.

00:00 - Touring solo is more fun / no future for Pink Floyd
00:34 - Difficulty pretending Pink Floyd was a group effort
01:23 - Writing in visual terms / projections for the tour
03:20 - Hating the Pink Floyd stadium tours
04:01 - Forcing the audience to pay attention to The Wall tour
05:11 - Writing The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking and The Wall at the same time
06:31 - Making The Final Cut
07:08 - Unfair misrepresentation in the media / making journalists uncomfortable
09:01 - Possibility of making Pros and Cons into a theater piece
09:26 - Having fun on the road
09:44 - Resurrecting older songs for the tour
10:36 - Having to provide visual entertainment for the tour
11:24 - The best way to lose a fortune
11:57 - Filming The Wall / at odds with Alan Parker
13:48 - Problems relinquishing control
15:10 - Obtaining footage for the Pros and Cons tour
16:21 - The need to delegate