Roger Glover

  • Date Aug 13, 1988
  • Total Length 14:56
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Liner Notes

When Roger Glover stopped in to talk with Scott Muni in 1988, Deep Purple was celebrating the 20-year anniversary of their break-through single, a cover of Joe South's "Hush." To commemorate the event, the 1988 version of the group re-recorded the song and included it on their new live album, Nobody's Perfect. This album release and the accompanying tour serve as the basis for the discussion here, resulting in some great sound bytes regarding the importance of live music.

00:00 - Intro to the re-recording of "Hush"
01:22 - The shame of cutting the previous tour short / the new tour as a continuation
02:13 - Elton John losing his voice
02:39 - Playing live more fun than studio recording / recording every night to loosen up
03:36 - Where Nobody's Perfect was recorded
04:15 - Intro to "Highway Star"
05:37 - Touring again without recording a new album
06:18 - Taking the time to do solo projects
07:07 - Intro to "Perfect Strangers"
08:42 - The audience as producer
09:39 - The growth of songs through live performances
10:45 - Perpetuating the myth behind "Smoke on the Water"
11:12 - 20 year anniversary of "Hush" / Joe South
12:31 - Photography plans for the next live album
13:40 - Intro to "Strange Kind of Woman"