Roger Daltrey

  • Date Dec 5, 1985
  • Total Length 12:44
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Liner Notes

Roger Daltrey may not have been over-prepared for his first run of solo performances since The Who broke up, but the media was certainly ready for him. This unedited interview with Ted Utz, recorded backstage before his show at Philadelphia's Tower Theater, focuses on the new tour and new album, but has plenty of random and juicy nuggets mixed in as well. Check out the time stamps below to find a topic of particular interest, or just hang out with Roger backstage and listen start to finish.

Performing Again
00:15 - After The Who broke up, thought he'd never sing again
00:38 - Made record, one thing lead to another…
00:51 - Christmas show at Madison Square Garden got him back on stage

The New Album (Under a Raging Moon)
01:05 - Working with John Parr
01:39 - Collaborating on the Under a Raging Moon track
02:47 - How a Pete Townshend song (After the Fire) made the album
03:17 - Potential for a Townshend / Daltrey project
03:34 - Daltrey's writing credits for the album

The Current "Tour"
03:41 - Choosing which Who songs to play on the tour
04:35 - The "tour" is just a warm up for the MSG show
05:05 - Using a humidifier on stage
05:26 - Another Who tour?
06:05 - Guys in the band
06:34 - Rehearsals with the current band

Pete Townshend
06:50 - Pete wants to write for Roger
07:10 - Roger as Pete's fan
07:26 - Roger as married to Pete

Acting Plans / Commercial Ventures
08:04 - Future plans; directing his first film
08:48 - Making commercials for Bulova Watches for the money and to meet celebrities

09:20 - Reminiscing about waking up John Entwhistle during a past interview
09:50 - Recording promos for King Biscuit
11:04 - Adding to the WWMR Rock N' Roll Recipe book