Roger Daltrey

Sample this concert
  1. 1Martyrs and Madmen05:17
  2. 2Don't Talk To Strangers05:22
  3. 3Breaking Down Paradise07:28
  4. 4Substitute03:27
  5. 5Pictures of Lily04:12
  6. 6Your Time Is Gonna Come08:14
  7. 7The Pride You Hide04:57
  8. 8Behind Blue Eyes / 5:1508:34
  9. 9Let Me Down Easy04:33
  10. 10Rebel04:54
  11. 11Won't Get Fooled Again08:05
  12. 12Under A Raging Moon08:16
  13. 13Giving It All Away03:31
  14. 14After the Fire03:46
Liner Notes

Roger Daltrey - vocals; Mark Williamson - keyboards, vocals; John Siegler - bass; Dennis Elliott - drums; Clem Clempson - guitars; Alan Shacklock - keyboards; Guest: Russ Ballard - guitar, lead vocals on "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

Roger Daltrey had spent over two decades as the charismatic lead vocalist for The Who when he decided to embark on his first solo U.S. tour. Daltrey had seen some limited success with a number of solo albums that included Daltrey, Ride a Rock Horse, One of the Boys, and Under a Raging Moon. This tour was launched to promote Under a Raging Moon, the solo album generally regarded as his most ambitious. Daltrey had written the title track as a tribute to his late friend, Keith Moon, The Who's bombastic drummer who died tragically from a combination of pills and alcohol in 1978.

During this performance (one of three from this tour taped for the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio series), Daltrey performs a healthy mix of solo tracks and Who classics, though his solo material could be considered banal in comparison to The Who hits. He does play inspired versions of "Giving It All Away" and "Under A Raging Moon." Among The Who classics he does in the show are "Substitute," "Pictures of Lily," and "Won't Get Fooled Again." Credit must also be given to his excellent solo band which included former members of Humble Pie, Argent, Foreigner and Todd Rundgren's Utopia.

He closes with "After The Fire," a song Pete Townshend wrote for the Live Aid benefit earlier in 1985 in hopes that The Who could perform it for their much anticipated reunion, but the song wasn't completed in time. Daltrey recorded it as the opening track of Under a Raging Moon. You can also here Townshend perform it here at the Wolfgang's, as part of his Brixton Academy show.