Roger Daltrey

Sample this concert
  1. 1Martyrs and Madmen04:41
  2. 2Interlude00:43
  3. 3Don't Talk To Strangers04:45
  4. 4Breaking Down Paradise06:16
  5. 5Move Better In the Night04:22
  6. 6Interlude00:34
  7. 7Substitute03:08
  8. 8Band Introduction00:34
  9. 9Your Time Is Gonna Come08:11
  10. 10The Pride You Hide05:08
  11. 11Behind Blue Eyes02:28
  12. 125:1505:20
  13. 13Interlude00:44
  14. 14Let Me Down Easy04:42
  15. 15Rebel04:35
  16. 16Voices05:43
  17. 17Giving It All Away04:03
  18. 18Won't Get Fooled Again08:08
  19. 19After the Fire04:07
  20. 20Under A Raging Moon07:42
  21. 21Free Me06:24
  22. 22Summertime Blues01:39
  23. 23C'mon Everybody03:02
Liner Notes

Roger Daltrey - vocals; Mark Williamson - keyboards, vocals; John Siegler - bass; Dennis Elliott - drums; Clem Clempson - guitars; Alan Shacklock - keyboards; Guest: Russ Ballard - guitar, lead vocals on "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

This show was recorded near the beginning of one of Roger Daltrey's few solo tours, just after The Who had reunited for a one-off performance at Live Aid in 1985. Daltrey was promoting his Under a Raging Moon album, among his best solo efforts, and the one that put him closest to being a bona fide rock star outside of his role in The Who. The album, and the title song in particular, were composed as tributes to Daltrey's former band member in The Who: the late drummer, Keith Moon.

This show came early in the tour, and it is clear that the band and Daltrey were still working out their respective roles. The band, which included former Humble Pie guitarist Clem Clempson and former Todd Rundgren-bassist John Siegler, while solid, lacked the reckless abandon that defined The Who's live performances. The show featured a mix of material: mostly tracks from Daltrey's aforementioned solo album and Who classics like "Can't Explain," "Substitute," a medley of "Behind Blue Eyes" and "5:15," and the obligatory "Won't Get Fooled Again." Daltrey tries his best to sing them with conviction, but in the end, these versions sound more like he is doing a special appearance with a bar band that called him up on stage than delivering the type of jaw-dropping performances he had with The Who.

Still, this is an important recording is one of the few solo concerts by Daltrey ever captured and his take on this material is still worth a listen. Special guest Russ Ballard, formerly of Argent, shows up to sing one of the many tunes he has written for Daltrey over the years.

The show ends with a two song Eddie Cochran medley, including the original arrangement of "Summertime Blues," notably made famous by The Who on their 1971 Live at Leeds album.