Rod Stewart

  • Date Apr 19, 1982
  • Total Length 13:59
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Liner Notes

As Lisa Robinson states in her introduction for this interview, Rod Stewart may be the quintessential British rock and roll singer. The discussion that follows confirms that it's true, as the two talk about his love fashion, money, women, and nights out with the boys. The editing contained here leaves behind statements stressing Stewart's flamboyance and conceit, leaving us to wonder if the splicing results in a misrepresentation or if he really does have one of the biggest egos in the business.

00:23 - Response to the criticism for "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?"
00:57 - Blondes Have More Fun as a departure from rock and roll
01:50 - The most embarrassing thing he's ever done (as a result of being in love)
02:44 - Reasons for moving to Los Angeles
03:37 - Other British tax exiles
04:13 - Being rich
04:44 - A new generation of concertgoers
05:07 - How rock groups maintain staying power
05:32 - Enjoying fame
06:22 - Doing what he wants on stage
07:10 - The range of Stewart's song selection / importance of lyrical content
08:15 - Things that Rod is good at / the best voice in rock and roll
08:32 - Stewart's imitators (voice and hair)
09:28 - Nights out with "the boys" and why his wife (Alana Hamilton) objects
10:30 - How home life is going / the division between home life and band life
11:18 - Perspective gained from being a father
12:09 - How rock and roll "changed the world"
13:22 - Frightened of Armageddon / Rod's history as an activist