Robert Palmer

  • Date Oct 1, 1988
  • Total Length 16:33
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Liner Notes

Although he had been releasing albums since the early 1970's, and solo albums from 1974 onwards, Robert Palmer did not receive widespread commercial success until 1985 during his brief stint with Power Station. After a summer tour with that supergroup was planned, Palmer decided he would ride the name-recognition wave and recorded Riptide; this turned out to be a good move, as the album (and video for "Addicted to Love") were wildly successful.

This interview was recorded with Scott Muni in 1988 during the Nova Tour, supporting his latest hit album, Heavy Nova. The first single, "Simply Irresistible," became his second chart-topper and, as a result of this success, he had to call in from New Britain, CT, amidst a whirlwind tour. Notable for recollections of his childhood and for hinting at the fact that he would soon be leaving the videos-with-barely-clothed-models phase of his career, this chat captures a superstar at the height of his stardom.

00:00 - 53 shows in 53 days / the rewards of touring
01:36 - Upcoming dates in Europe then back to the US
02:03 - Vinegar Joe
02:46 - George Thorogood: 50 states in 50 days
03:36 - Intro to "Early in the Morning"
04:47 - The ladies in the "Simply Irresistible" video / nice while it lasted
06:35 - Earning the right to tour / getting sincere feedback
07:48 - Intro to "Change His Ways"
09:29 - Intro to "She Makes My Day"
10:47 - Playing Power Station songs in concert
12:20 - Liking the songs he writes
12:49 - Eclectic musical styles: New Orleans funk, Motown, New York R&B
14:09 - The first influences / American Forces Network on Malta
15:55 - Outro