Robert Cray

Sample this concert
  1. 1Phone Booth04:13
  2. 2Bad Influence03:49
  3. 3More Than I Can Stand03:38
  4. 4T-Bone Shuffle05:15
  5. 5False Accusations04:52
  6. 6I Guess I Showed Her03:57
  7. 7Foul Play04:39
  8. 8Right Next Door (Because Of Me)05:12
  9. 9Playin' In The Dirt05:10
  10. 10Too Many Cooks03:19
  11. 11Smoking Gun05:41
Liner Notes

Robert Cray - vocals, guitar; Richard Cousins - bass; Peter Boe - keyboards; David Olson - drums

Of all the modern blues men, Robert Cray has had one of the most successful and lasting careers. He broke out on FM rock radio in 1987 with his hit, "Smoking Gun," from his Grammy Award winning album, Strong Persuader. Although he has not had another song that crossed over as well in his career, Cray has consistently made strong blues records, featuring his fluid guitar stylings. This recording made in April of 1987 at Philadelphia's Tower Theater features a solid performance by Cray and his excellent band.

Working his guitar solos over a rock solid rhythm section consisting of Richard Cousins on bass and David Olson on drums, Cray lays down a confident performance, and it's easy to see why Eric Clapton considers him one of the best bluesmen in America today. Peter Boe, who contributes keyboards, is not prominently featured, but his organ and piano add just the right amount of color to the overall musical canvas.

Cray's set here is a lively one that includes several of his signature songs, including "Phone Booth," "Bad Influence," "More Than I Can Stand," "False Accusations" and "I Guess I Showed Her." His biggest song "Smoking Gun," closes the nearly hour-long show. Cray and his band continue to record and tour today, often playing blues and jazz festivals both in the U.S. and abroad. He recently signed with Sanctuary Records and released his latest album in 2005, entitled Twenty.