Robbers On High Street

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:03
  2. 2Watch Me Disappear02:56
  3. 3Electric Eye03:01
  4. 4Bring It On Home03:26
  5. 5Didn't Want To Know03:36
Robbers On High Street Apr 20, 2012
Liner Notes

"Bring In On Home" is one of those songs where you think that a group of guys have touched on what they do best. Often, it takes some time to get to that place where everything feels as if it's locked in good and tight. It's kind of funny that the word "home" is in the title and that lead singer Ben Trokan sings about someone finally being right where they belong, in one of the verses, because it's a feeling that a longtime listener could have with this song and the band playing it.

Oft-maligned through the years, through a stroke of dumb luck that Trokan's voice sounds a lot like Spoon lead singer Britt Daniel's voice, the band put out albums filled with great college radio-centric/indie rock songs that were meant for the CMJ crowd, and all us dudes who just can't help but hit up our little record shop a couple of times a week, just to stay immersed in everything there is.

Getting beset with the title of the poor man's Spoon doesn't take anyone far enough (even when the results are exceptionally strong), but with its latest offerings, the New York group has forged a bit of a newer path, one that takes them into the realm of the Apollo - the kind of Delta blues and soul music that gets a chest heaving. As Trokan sings, "It makes you feel a way you never, ever felt before," summing up what seems to be a culmination of experiences, boiling down to a person with a little stubble, wearing a shirt and pants for the third day in-a-row, feeling like they're finally themselves, sitting pretty.