Rob Halford

  • Date May 21, 1984
  • Total Length 19:33
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Liner Notes

Lisa Robinson sat down to chat with Rob Halford while Judas Priest was on tour in support of their 1984 album, Defenders of the Faith. This interview focuses neither on the album nor the tour, however. Rather, the two talk more generally about the then-current state of heavy metal, which included a plethora of bands inspired by the sound and look of Judas Priest - Metallica, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, etc. With Halford caught in a predicament somewhere between continual pioneer and kindly grandfather of metal, this talk is a must-listen for fans of Priest, fans of metal, and fans of 1980's pop culture.

00:00 - Dedication to heavy metal
01:51 - Heavy metal has become respectable
03:26 - "The heavy metal fan club"
04:31 - Heavy metal is harmless
06:05 - Heavy metal is all about the look
07:42 - The evolution of the look
09:04 - The look at the expense of comfort
10:15 - The stage show and albums catching up with one another
11:37 - The theatrical leanings of the British
13:03 - Hopes for touring less
14:47 - More females coming to the shows / heavy metal is masculine
16:33 - Modernizing heavy metal for the 80's
18:04 - Succeeding in the face of adversity