Ringo Starr

  • Date Sep 4, 1977
  • Total Length 26:11
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Liner Notes

Recorded just as Ringo the 4th, his sixth solo album, was to be released, Starr's initial post-Beatles commercial success had already peaked by the time of this interview. However, he and the interviewer take a logical, sequential approach leading up to that album, covering his days in The Beatles as well as each of his solo projects through the early 1970's. With a thunderstorm raging in the background and Ringo drinking and eating throughout the course of this talk, this is a wonderful opportunity to get personal with one of the Fab Four.

00:00 - What happened after Brian Epstein passed away
01:12 - Trying to manage the band after Epstein
01:55 - George Martin taking a chance on The Beatles
02:15 - Trying to play drums on "Please Please Me" / Andy White on drums
03:29 - When Richard Starkey became Ringo Starr
04:58 - 10th anniversary of Sgt Pepper / How the recording developed
06:25 - Ringo's opinion of Sgt. Pepper / his favorite Beatles albums
07:42 - Becoming a band again during The White Album (after Ringo "quit")
09:35 - What Ringo did to keep busy after The Beatles broke up
10:33 - Sentimental Journey
11:00 - Different arrangers for each track on Sentimental Journey
12:04 - Beaucoups of Blues
12:27 - Ringo: how the other Beatles became involved
14:31 - Effect of having 3 big singles on one record
14:58 - Writing "Back Off Boogaloo" with Marc Bolan
16:45 - Collaborating with George on "Back Off Boogaloo"
17:52 - Good Night Vienna / writing "The No-No Song" with Hoyt Axton
18:35 - Working with Vini Poncia
19:06 - Working with Arif Mardin
19:47 - Ringo the 4th / changing labels / moving on
20:45 - Great tracks on Ringo's Rotogravure
21:06 - Annoyed with a single that doesn't reach #1 / not being able to predict it
22:02 - Picking new singles for the new album
22:50 - Potential for a Beatles reunion
23:35 - The perpetuity of The Beatles / a whole greater than the sum of its parts