Quicksilver Messenger Service

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  1. 1Smokestack Lightning14:56
Liner Notes

John Cipollina - guitar, vocals; Gary Duncan - guitar, vocals; David Freiberg - bass, vocals; Greg Elmore - drums

Near the tail end of 1968, at the peak of the original lineup's powers, Quicksilver Messenger Service began recording the live performances that would form the bulk of the material for their second album, Happy Trails. Now universally considered to be one of the greatest San Francisco psychedelic rock albums ever recorded, it remains one of the defining examples of that era. Recorded on the final night of three extraordinary performances at Fillmore West, this recording contains yet another incendiary version of "Smokestack Lightning." A staple of their sets at the time, the band must have been strongly considering this song for the album, as excellent versions were captured from every night of this run. This is the longest of the three versions and the most compelling of the run, serving as a remarkable addition to the material featured on Happy Trails.