Quicksilver Messenger Service

Sample this concert
  1. 1The Fool09:49
  2. 2Who Do You Love08:58
  3. 3Gold And Silver13:11
  4. 4It's Been Too Long03:23
  5. 5Back Door Man04:03
Liner Notes

John Cipollina - guitar, vocals; Gary Duncan - guitar, vocals; David Freiberg - bass, viola, vocals; Greg Elmore - drums

Quicksilver Messenger Service opened the show for Eric Burdon and the Animals shortly after their first album was released.

With limited stage time, they don't jam as much as usual, but they do perform some of their best material from the first LP. Surprisingly, they open both sets with the most adventurous and longest track on that album, "The Fool," which was usually positioned late in their shows around this time.

Both sets also contain relatively tight arrangements of "Who Do You Love," a song they often played for well over 20 minutes. These sets are a good preview of things to come on their classic Happy Trails LP later that year.

Also of note is Steve Schuster as guest on tenor sax during the late show. "Gold And Silver," which pays homage to Dave Brubeck's classic "Take 5," is particularly interesting with the added instrumentation.